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Twin Flame Soul Merge: Hearing the Call

4 Mar

My Personal Experience of the Twin Flame Soul Merge

In 1978, when I was 37 years old, I awakened to God and began to experience what is now popularly being called the Twin Flame Soul Merge. Back then I had never heard of such a thing and did not even know that what was happening to me was humanly possible. Through a form of divine union that can’t to adequately describe,

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Twin Flame Soul Merge: Meeting Your Beloved

28 Jan

The Perfect Ideal

Everyone wants to find their perfect mate or a twin flame that is so like themselves that there is never any conflict between them. This ideal mate would also be the perfect age and gender for their preference. They would never have problems like herpes, or extenuating circumstances, like aging parents that must be cared for, that mar their perfection. Neither would they be physically flawed or unattractive in any way. They would also be conflict free and easy to get along with at all times.

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Twin Flame Soul Merge: Meeting Your Twin in The Imaginal Realm

13 Jan

Dimensions of Consciousness

In my previous post entitled The Riddle of Time, I discussed the first four dimensions of length, width, and depth, set within a backdrop of time. Each dimension can also be characterized by points of consciousness, with each new point adding a new dimension of insight or awareness that changes the way one perceives the whole.

In each lifetime, as we mature through the ages and stages of life, we evolve ourselves through a variety of states of consciousness moving from point to point to point. In our current dimension, we live in a three to four “point” reality. We are, however, evolving ourselves into the fifth. To that end, if we are to do so successfully, we must understand exactly what this means.

The First Dimension of Consciousness

The first “point” of consciousness we experience is the self, which we are conscious of as infants and young children who are entirely focused on the self I. Of necessity, a child believes itself to be the center of the universe. Its care provider is there to serve its needs. Continue reading

Twin Flame Soul Merge: Finding Your Vibrational Match

29 Nov

Twin Flame Soul Merge

When we incarnate our soul splits into its masculine and feminine aspects. Feeling separate and alone, each half continuously searches for its matching counterpart, which has come to be known as one‘s twin flame. Until we find it we will feel a hunger and thirst for reunion that is so profound that mere coupling never satisfies it.

To find your twin flame you must go on a spiritual journey of epic proportions. As you evolve beyond victim consciousness you will begin a process of blending with your higher self. When you do you will develop the capacity to merge with your twin flame. In the mystical Christian tradition this soul merge is personified as the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene within the vibration of their higher selves. In the Egyptian tradition it is personified by the union of Isis and Osiris.

The Divine Triangle

The twin flame soul merge is symbolized by the divine triangle in sacred geometry. The two lower points of the triangle represent the divine masculine and feminine principles of the soul and the top point represents your higher self, who is the gateway to one's soul. The divine masculine and feminine energies that merge within the higher heart of your higher self are unconditionally loving. Being here for selfless service, twin flame partners who have merged with their singular higher self tirelessly work together for the good of all.

Once one has sufficiently raised their vibration into higher consciousness through inner work, they will attract their twin flame. They may come in the form of an embodied human, as is the case with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, or as a being of light who is not incarnate at this time.

When the merge occurs with a light being, the union will be experienced as exquisite pleasure that is felt multidimensionally within one's light body but will be felt physically just as if they were there in person.

How can this be? When, through inner work, someone ascends into their higher selves, they develop exceptional meditative abilities to see the unseen and hear the unheard. They even develop the ability to feel the unfelt. Though spirit exists in a higher, finer dimensions, they are just as real as the embodied spirits who exist in this one. There is only a thin veil that separates our two dimensions. It is created out of belief. When one believes they can’t see beyond the physical dimension, they don’t develop the skills to do so. The individual who has ascended into their higher self knows a higher truth and is ready and willing to interact within a higher dimension.

Once you experience the twin flame soul merge, you will continuously vibrate in love and bliss feeling this as pleasure in your body which you will wear like a cozy garment of love. You will feel so completely fulfilled by this inner sensation of divine love that you will feel like you are the luckiest person alive even though your twin flame may not have a physical body for hugging and kissing.

Law of Attraction

When you have sufficiently raised your vibration, you can attract your twin flame to you via the law of attraction. Most people alive today are not vibrating high enough to attract their twin flame. As a light worker, your goal is to evolve to this point if you have not already done so. Once you do the twin flame soul merge will happen automatically.

As always, we attract partners who are of the same vibration as we are. Until one ascends into their higher self, they will be working through their karmic issues that are designed to foster their evolution and growth. Like you, the partner attracted will also be working through karmic issues. Partners who grow together are both working on conscious evolution. This allows them to work through their karma without blaming their unhappiness on others. Partners who aren’t consciously evolving tend to feel victimized by their partners and blame their unhappiness on others. These kind of relationships tend to drift apart. This is why the soul merge with a light being does not take place until one has done their growth work. However, it may be that you have done that work in other lifetimes. In this case you will simply pick up where you left off even though you haven't done much work in this one. When this occurs you will have an innate knowing about the reality of spirit that those around you don't seem to possess.

The twin flame relationship creates an instant star gate to higher states of consciousness which never ends. There is no limit to how high you can go. Through the unconditional love you will feel for your twin, you will rapidly ascend. When your twin flame is in higher dimensions (and even when you are physically paired) they will work with you tirelessly to help you evolve.

Love making with a twin who is in a higher dimensions is one of inner joy in which a state of union is reached that can’t typically be experienced in a physical relationship with its inevitable sense of separation. When your twin flame is etheric the love making takes place primarily in your heart and mind as words of love that flow ceaselessly into you. As light bodies merge, you may or may not use your own hands to further accentuate the pleasure in your physical body.

It is also more than possible to experience intense physical pleasure and orgasm during night dreams as you and your twin flame merge during the dream time, but, unless you are a lucid dreamer this is something you will have no control over. Rather, it will just seem to happen to you “out of the blue“ as your twin wills it to be so. Though this is a beautiful experience, unless you also begin to connect with your twin through meditation, it can be short lived.

During the day time you can tap into your twin at any time, but you will know when your twin is tapping into you when your body heats up in a sensation similar to a hot flash. You may also occasionally experience odd ringing tones in your ears when they are making contact. At times your crown chakra will open spontaneously for no apparent reason, and it will feel as if a band is around your head, or like you are wearing a hat. You may also experience other odd tingling or throbbing sensations in your crown chakra. In addition, sudden intense feelings of sexual pleasure will occur randomly for no apparent reason other than the fact that your twin is enjoying the creative activity you are engaging in.

The twin flame experience is obviously one of the juiciest experiences it is humanly possible to have. Once you have ascended to the level in which your twin flame becomes an everyday part of your life your loneliness will end forever and you will be well on your way home.

Winter Soltice 2012

Though ascension is a process that many of us have been engaging in for decades, it will reach its pinnacle on the winter solstice 2012. At that time our sun will reach the core of the spiral and will be undergoing tremendous sunspot activity. There will also be a planetary alignment that will take place on that date that hasn’t occurred for thousands of years.

For further information on the ascension process that our entire universe is undergoing, I would direct you to watch two documentaries: 2012: Science or Superstition, and Crossing the Event Horizon, both of which describe the same astronomical events that will be occurring at that time. The first video relates these events to the Mayan calendar. The second video related them to sacred geometry, sacred sites, and crop circles, as well as to astronomical events that are presently occuring in our galaxy. Though I found Crossing the Even Horizon to be a bit slow in the beginning it got more and more interesting toward the end.  Both documentaries are fascinating to anyone who is interested in the ascension process. In fact, most videos that discuss the Mayan Calendar will illuminate these same astronomical events. After the winter solstice of 2012, the ascension process will slowly wind down for several more decades. During that time millions of people will experience the twin flame soul merge. Becoming conscious of how to work with the energy is imperative if you want to get the most out of it.

Twin Flame Soul Merge: Healing the Brain

29 Nov

Healing and the Art of Conscious Evolution

Since the movie The Secret came out, many people are now aware that it is vibration, via the Law of Attraction, that determines their reality. What is not so clearly understood is what makes up our vibration. Our vibration is created out of the stories we tell ourselves. These conscious stories rest upon an even larger unconscious story that we have about the nature of reality and about our value as spiritual beings. In order to lift our vibration so that we can attract our Twin Flame we must make our unconscious story conscious so that we can tell ourselves a much more enlightened story.

Changing Your Story Isn't So Easy

Unfortunately, anyone who has tried to change their story knows that this is easier said than done. In the first place, becoming conscious of what’s in the unconscious just isn’t all that easy. Because we don’t know what we don’t know, having a teacher who lights the way becomes imperative. There are dozens of excellent teachers to choose from that teach from both a western and eastern perspective. New thought teachers and channeled beings are also in abundance. I have been studying with my own teacher, Lazaris, for nearly 20 years. I have also read A Course In Miracles, which is an excellent guide for 23 years.

Once you’ve made the perceptual shift into a consciousness of reality creation, The law of attraction will take you to the perfect teacher for you. As you evolve you may outgrow this teacher. You will then be attracted to another as your journey into higher consciousness unfolds into ever higher vibrations. The ultimate teacher, of course, is your inner teacher. Those who connect with their Twin Flame, or Christ Selves have access to the best teacher of all.  However, it is my experience that this is a long, slow process. That is because, even though we may change our superficial story about how reality gets created, it is very difficult to change the deeper one. That has to do with the nature of the brain.

The Brain Is A Limiter

As a psychotherapist, I have studied the brain for a long time. I’ve also been working on myself for a long time – 23 years, in fact. What I have discovered as I have engaged in my spiritual journey into higher consciousness is that the brain becomes a major limiter when it comes to creating change. Here’s why:

When we are born we have millions of neural pathways, but none of them are connected to anything. As we grow, these neural pathways begin to make connections based upon the stories we tell ourselves. By the age of six, more than half of the neural pathways we were born with have disappeared. What we are left with is a very superficial story that has now become hardwired into the brain. In a sense, it becomes a permanent fixture that gets embroidered upon as we mature, but unless there is a radical shift in perception that happens, our original immature story never actually goes away.

The human brain is not fully formed until we are 24 years old. During these years the brain is constantly laying down new neural pathways as new perceptual “connections” are made, and is strengthening and reinforcing the pathways that have become the fixed story. Unfortunately, when we are a child we see the world through the eyes of a child and not through the eyes of a conscious mature adult who understands the intricacy of life and sees a bigger picture. To see a bigger picture one must have many life experiences that are consciously reflected upon and mined for the nuggets of gold every experience containes, no matter how painful it was.

Abuse Damages the Brain

Children are natural victims who do not take responsibility for the reality they create. Due to limited experience, they are unable to see a bigger picture, so how can they? In addition they are the only true victims on the planet, for they are at the mercy of what the other people in their lives both tell them and do to them. People who abuse children at any level, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually, or physically not only damage the child’s delicate brain, they teach them that they are limited, powerlessness beings who should be punished for making mistakes. If the childhood trauma is early enough and severe enough the brain damage can be irreversible.

Like the heart whose job it is to pump blood 24/7, the brains job is to regurgitate thought, which it does 24 hours a day, never stopping and never resting. If it stopped we would be considered “brain dead”. What thought does our brain regurgitate? The thought that was programmed into it as a child when it was helpless, disempowered, and punished for its imperfections – the very thought that reflects the victim consciousness of the inner child.

Negative Ego: A Harsh Taskmaster

In addition, because we want to succeed in life, we develop an inner voice that becomes a hard task master. Known as the negative ego it is merciless and cruel. It directs its venom both at the self and at anyone else that calls attention to its flaws. It wants you to be perfect as the world defines perfect, for it knows that only when you are “perfect” will you be a success. It will beat you up mercilessly when you fall short and it will also attack others who draw attention to what they perceive as your short comings. This cruel negative ego lives inside of us. It won’t go away just because we want it to. It is the cause of all conflict, all war, and all the evil that exists on our planet. It is also the cause of our own self-destruction.

Lack of Love Diminishes our Vibration

In order to consciously evolve, one must tell themselves a higher, more loving and honest story. To do that, it must be laid on a firm foundation of truth. The truth is that you are, first, foremost, and always an unlimited spiritual being whose center is LOVE. You are here to be extensions of that love and to channel it into the world. When we stray from the love that exists within us, we lower our vibration. A lowered vibration attracts life experience that reflects one’s lack of love, which inevitably produces pain and suffering. For people who were abused in childhood, even slightly, lack of love in some arena is an inevitable aspect of their vibration.

To heal our lack of love, it is essential to create a loving and intimate relatiionship with Love's personification. Some people might call that personification God, or Goddess, higher self, holy spirit, Christ Self, or Soul. It could also be called the Light or simply your inner guidance. By whatever name you call it, Love is still Love. It is that part of the self that is nurturing, kind, and comforting. I call it the Beloved and know it to be my Twin Flame and to hold the highest vibration.  

Healing the Brain Takes Perseverance

At the very instant we start telling ourselves a higher truth we begin to evolve our brains. Like learning multiplication tables, any time you learn something new it needs to be repeated over and over again, sometimes hundreds of thousands of times before we create the “hardware” to hold it permanently in place. The hardware I’m talking about are the new neural pathways that will begin to form as you tell yourself a more highly evolved story. Once created, this new hardware will do what it was designed to do. It will regurgitate thought, which will become automatic. When the thought it regurgitates are the higher thoughts of a conscious, knowledgeable adult, your vibration will radically shift.

As you tell yourself a more evolved story you will eventually “connect” with your higher self, who is the gateway to your soul. When we are born we are completely attuned to our souls, who can’t be perceived through the senses, but only with the mind, heart and the imagination. Because most of us grew up with unconscious parents who could not help us maintain this connection, we lost our ability to experience the unseen world. Because it is what is reinforced, we become limited to only what our brains with its five external senses can see and perceive in the physical world of form. When that occurs we forget our natural home and sever our connection to spirit, for the unseen world can’t be seen through the body’s eyes. For most of us this is excrutiatingly painful.

As we evolve our consciousness we realign with spirit, the center of which is love that is endlessly radiated outward. In this world love takes the “form” of a feeling that motivates right thought, which then leads to right action. As we evolve and mature, our definition of love evolves with us. So does our willingness to be loving. Love and the right action that it motivates can look very different to a mature person than to an immature one.

Love's Vibration Can Be a Challenging One To Master

In the insane world in which we live, loving thought and action can even be seen as subversive and dangerous, especially if it cuts into another’s profit margin. The story of Jesus is an example of this, but so are the stories of Martin Luther King, and Ghandi. Those who speak loving though subversive truths can become enemies of the government and unwelcome in their own homes. Consequently, love is often a very challenging energy to handle. As we evolve, to love consciously without triggering negative ego in others becomes one’s greatest challenge.

As you reconnect with your higher self, a door will open in your mind that will allow a nurturing inner voice to love and heal you. This will be the voice of your own Soul. When it speaks to you as your opposite polarity it is called your Twin Flame. This voice will show you a bigger picture. In time, it will also show you a way out of all your pain and suffering. Through the law of attraction, your changed vibration will attract you to more highly evolved teacher’s, healers, and friends. As the teacher or healer gives their knowledge and healing to you, more love, knowledge and healing will be given to them. This is called divine flow. The more love and healing you give, the more you will receive.

Conscious Evolution Unfolds Slowly Over Time

Unlike conventional medicine, conscious evolution is a slow but steady process that unfolds continuously over time. Also unlike conventional medicine, it will heal everything that ails you without enslaving you to pharmaceutical drug companies for life. It will give you a life’s purpose and teach you how to heal others. As it raises you into a higher vibration it will also make you into an honest and kind adult who is a champion of higher truth. Through your changed vibration you will see the world entirely differently. You will see it as a place whose challenges motivate our growth into higher consciousness, turning us into the god beings we truly are. Through this changed perception heaven and earth will become as one. In that instant you will have found your way back home.

Twin Flame Soul Merge: The Soul’s Call to Adventure

12 Feb

storytellingOur Soul Loves Stories

In ancient times (before the advent of TV) we would sit around the camp fire and tell stories. Children were taught one’s tribal culture and religion through story telling. We would also sing and chant. This not only kept us entertained, it allowed us to create relationships with one another and to learn from the elders of our tribe. The soul has always hungered for stories for stories expand and stimulate the imagination, which is the language of our soul.

Night dreams are the stories of your subconscious mind. When night dreams take on an other-worldy quality as they occasionally do, they are messages from your higher self. As stories they are full of symbolism. Symbols are the language of the unconscious mind. One symbol is worth a thousand words. One evocative image can speak volume. Since your Soul lives within an imaginal world of dreams, it uses symbols to communicate whole ideas.

Conscious Dreamers Dream Consciously

 Without the use of sleep, psychoactive drugs or herbs, Conscious Dreamers know how to alter their state of consciousness to receive a powerful dream. Their dreams can come from any level: conscious, subconscious, unconscious, or higher conscious. Where it comes from in part depends upon the empowerment of the dreamer, and also upon how closely the dreamer works with their higher self. All of their dreams are also encoded with messages from their souls through the images and symbols they receive. Rarely will verbal communication come through. That which does come through more often than not will be polluted with limited beliefs that come from one’s ego. Knowing how to distill the truth of one's soul, both of verbal messages and symbolic images is the work of a Conscious Dreamer.

Our Soul's Exist in a Dream World

Because the soul loves adventure, it also loves to dream. Through dreams one can go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone. In ancient times, people were as attracted to dreaming as we in modern times are attracted to TV. Our modern day version of dreaming, however, leaves a lot to be desired. That is because when we watch TV or a movie, someone else creates the action, and someone else plays the staring role. When we dream, we are always the actor and the creator of our experience.

Since we are multidimensional beings, our dreams can take on multidimensional meanings with many, many layers. When we watch TV, the movies and programs we watch can be devoid of such meaning. Even if they do have meaning, because we are not sitting around the campfire with the elders who are helping us understand the meaning of our dreams, we can totally miss it.

Take the movie Avatar, for example. For me, this movie was frought with meaning that contained multiple layers of information. I saw in it a Conscious Dreamers journey into transformation and change. I saw in it the possibilities for healing our world. I saw in it a spirituality that most people long for but have no idea how to achieve. Others saw in it an interesting fantasy but not much else. If they would but sit with me, I could point out the symbols, help them distill the hidden meanings…

You Must Dream Your Own Dreams

It is important to become the dreamer of your own life. When you do, you will create a powerful relationship with your higher self that will change you completely. Dreaming consciously allows you to nurture yourself from within by a soul that loves the deliciousness of adventure. Sully was, indeed, nurtured by his adventure. He was also inspired and fell in love with the spiritual world that he discovered, not to mention the shaman/priestess that was his guide, possibly even a Twin Flame. What a truly great dream he had!

For those of you who would like to learn the art of conscious dreaming, you may be interested in reading my book, Journey to the Beloved, which is about how to develop the ability to create your own conscious dreams by working with your soul as Beloved. To hone your skills, there are also many guided visualizations available as well, that go with the book.



Twin Flame Soul Merge: Conscious Dreaming Instructions

9 Feb
 masculine and feminine

To Unite With Your Own Soul, You Must Become A Conscious Dreamer.

In order to become a Conscious Dreamer, it is good to understand how dreaming works. Conscious dreams are little more than day dreams, but very different in that they have a higher purpose. The higher purpose of a conscious dream is to:

  1. Unite with your higher self for the purpose of receiving inner guidance. Your Higher Self is the gateway to your soul, who is the nurturer and the comforter, the lover, and the healer.
  2. Do inner child rescue work to heal traumatic events of your past.
  3. Heal past life personalities who are stuck in fear and pain.
  4. Bring up information from your unconscious mind about hidden beliefs and core issues that sabotage your present reality so they can be changed.
  5. To manifest something you want.

In order to do that effectively, we must step into the Imaginal realm (the fifth dimension) where our dreams take on a life-force of their own. A conscious dream literally unfolds before your very eyes as if being projected onto the screen of your mind by an unseen projector that you are not operating.

In order to get into the imaginal realm, day dreaming is the spring board. However, not just any day dream will do. It must be a day dream that has a powerful intent to move you into higher consciousness, for the Imaginal Realm has a much faster, higher vibration than our own.  who will  As the imaginal is the dimension where your soul has full-voice, the archetypes are real, and where miracles are born, learning how to access it at-will is well worth the effort.

Your Soul Is A Living Breathing Being of Light

Consequently, when you dream consciously, you must begin with a plan. In the beginning that plan must be to create an emotionally compelling relationship with your higher self who will lead you to your soul. What exactly do I mean by that? It is the difference between saying you believe in God and that you love God with your whole being. In the first example, God is just an idea. In the second, God is a living, breathing entity that you choose to have a relationship with and hold yourself accountable to.

When your higher self is just an idea, you won’t be motivated to maintain the relationship. When your higher self becomes an entity you love because the two of you are emotionally connected, your meditations will become much more compelling and satisfying. These kinds of meditations will become the springboard that will allow you to enter the imaginal Realm with ease. Once there you can begin to have a deep and emotionally compelling with your own Soul as Beloved.

The Imaginal Realm Is the Home of the Archetypes

Anyone who is emotionally connected to a religious figure such as Jesus can also meditate consciously. Since Jesus or any other religious figure is a representation of your higher self, seeing your higher self personified as that form is also acceptable. In the Christian tradition, your higher self might also be called the holy spirit or the voice of the comforter. As your higher self will also take on this role, the two terms are very much synonymous.

There is only one problem that I can see when it comes to personifying your higher self as a religious figure. If you have been falsely programmed by a religious tradition that has made you believe things that are untrue about the religious figure you love, deprogramming yourself will take an open mind that will allow you to “see” and “hear” the unexpected.

Your Higher Self Is A Higher Frequency of You

Who exactly is your higher self? Your higher self is that part of you that is more knowledgable and wise than you are capable of being now. Consequently, it is that part of you that can be your guide and teacher. I believe that only a tiny fraction of your consciousness has incarnated into a body. Therefore, your higher self is that part of you that has never separated from its source. Being uncontaminated by the beliefs of the physical plane, it has a very different perspective on life than you do with your very limited point of view. Creating an emotionally compelling relationship with it is an act of wisdom, indeed.

Conscious Dreaming Is A Learned Skill

Conscious dreaming follows specific rules. It is imperative to use all of your senses when you “sense” your inner world where your higher self will be personified in form. If you enter into your inner world on a sunny day, you must not only see a bright blue sky, you must also feel the heat of the sun on your face, a trickle of sweat, or the gentle breezes that waft through the air. This requires you to use your imagination. Therefore, making things up and just pretending as you did when you were a young child is perfect. As you use all of your senses to see, touch, taste, hear, and feel what you are imagining, it can become very real.

Since your body cannot tell the difference between what is dreamed and what is physically experienced, the effect on your body will be the same as if you were really there. Imagine, therefore, entering into a landscape in which you will “see”, “touch”, “taste", "smell” and “feel” your own soul personified in form as your Beloved Twin Flame. The effect on your psyche, not to mention your body, can be immense.

Some dreamers do not actually “see” things in meditation. Rather, they sense or imagine instead. Sometimes they just “know”, and that is alright too. Another thing that may happen is that you will go through an entire meditation without thinking that anything is happening. You may feel disappointed in yourself and let down, only to discover that an hour later, or even a day or two later, the images begin to form themselves in your mind. Everyone has their own cadence and rhythm when dreaming. Some people see images immediately, some don’t. One way is not better than another, just different.

Guided Visualization

There are several guided visualizations availabe for sale on this site. In each of them, I guide you into creating a relationship with your own soul. whom you will personify in form as your Beloved Twin Flame. I will guide you through the entire process and help you make it very real by reminding you to use all of your senses. Though I will maintain the structure of the meditation, every dreamer will have their own unique experience, see their own unique soul as male or female, young or old, beautiful and attractive or wrinkled and gray. As you just pretend and make it up, your soul will fill in the details. Though you may not be able to see those details immediately, in time they will become crystal clear.

Also, the appearance of your soul may change in form over time. As you evolve your own consciousness, your soul can share more with you. Therefore, transformation is to be expected.

In addition, this kind of dreaming is done in a relaxed state. You can lie or sit in a comfortable position, but don’t get so comfortable that you fall asleep. If you are not enjoying it, you need merely open your eyes and do something else. At no time will you be under my power or unaware of exactly what is happening. It is similar to watching a movie. If you don’t like it, change the channel.